Sports Palace Megasport n.a. A.V. Tarasov is a sports facility as well as a multipurpose arena for cultural events, entertaining shows, music performances and presentations. Convenient location, modern architecture, unique sports arena, high-quality infrastructure for spectators make the complex one of the best and advanced sport and entertainment venues in Moscow.

Lounges and skyboxes are located on the third level of the venue. These are private rooms with glass balconies to view the arena. Each room can accommodate 10-20 people. There are 43 boxes in the venue with a total capacity of 751 people.

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Массовые катания в ЛД "Крылатское" снова возобновлены

Билеты можно приобрести на странице объекта, либо в кассах ледового дворца за час до начала каждого сеанса.